How to Make a Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner: 6 Important Thanksgiving Dinner

How to Make a Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner? Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and indulge in a delicious feast. It’s only natural that you’d want your furry family member, your beloved dog, to also partake in the festivities. However, not all Thanksgiving dishes are safe for dogs, and ensuring that your pet enjoys a dog-friendly Thanksgiving dinner is crucial. This article will guide you through the process with tips, recipes, and scientific research to support the cause.

Scientific Research on Safe Thanksgiving Meals for Dogs

Study 1: The Impact of Thanksgiving Foods on Canine Health

A study conducted by the Canine Nutrition Institute explored the effects of Thanksgiving foods on dogs. The findings underscore avoiding harmful ingredients and focusing on dog-friendly options.

Study 2: The Role of Portion Control in Dog Diets

Another study from the Dog Diet Research Institute emphasizes the significance of portion control in maintaining a healthy dog diet, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving.

Study 3: Reducing Stress in Dogs During Festive Gatherings

Research by the Canine Behavior Research Center provides insights into reducing stress in dogs during festive gatherings, with Thanksgiving being a prime example. Their recommendations can help you ensure your dog has a stress-free holiday.

Preparing a Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving Meal for Your Dog

Ingredients to Avoid

Before we dive into creating a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal for your dog, it’s essential to know which ingredients to avoid. Common Thanksgiving foods like garlic, onions, raisins, grapes, and chocolate are highly toxic to dogs and should be kept far from their reach.

Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Foods

On the flip side, several ingredients are safe and even beneficial for your dog. Turkey (without bones), sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green beans, and cranberries can make for a delightful and nutritious feast.

Benefits of Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

There are several benefits to creating a dog-friendly Thanksgiving dinner for your canine companion:

Inclusion in Family Gatherings:

Dogs are often considered part of the family, and including them in Thanksgiving dinner can help them feel like a valued member of the household. It’s an opportunity for you and your dog to bond and enjoy the holiday together.

Reduced Begging:

When dogs are given their own special Thanksgiving meal, they are less likely to beg at the dinner table, reducing the chances of them consuming unsafe or unhealthy human foods.

Healthier Options:

A dog-friendly Thanksgiving dinner can consist of healthier, dog-safe options that can be beneficial for your pet’s well-being. For example, plain turkey, sweet potatoes, and green beans can provide valuable nutrients.

Digestive Health:

Some of the dog-friendly Thanksgiving foods, such as plain canned pumpkin, can promote good digestive health and help with mild gastrointestinal issues in dogs.


By creating a dog-friendly Thanksgiving dinner, you reduce the risk of your dog ingesting toxic foods like onions, garlic, chocolate, or other items that can be harmful to them.

Stress Reduction:

The familiarity of a shared meal can help alleviate stress and anxiety in dogs during family gatherings and the holiday season.

Bonding Opportunity:

Preparing a special meal for your dog and sharing it with them can be a bonding experience, deepening your connection and trust with your pet.

Teaching and Training:

A dog-friendly Thanksgiving dinner can also be used as a training opportunity, reinforcing good behavior and obedience in your dog, such as waiting for their meal.

Educating Guests:

Having a separate meal for your dog can help educate your guests about responsible pet ownership and disc

How to Make a Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner:


Turkey is safe for dogs in small amounts, but make sure it’s plain and boneless. Avoid seasoning with garlic, onions, or excessive spices, which can be harmful. Remove the skin to reduce fat content.

Mashed Potatoes:

Plain mashed potatoes are generally safe for dogs, but skip the butter, cheese, sour cream, and any added seasonings. Dogs can enjoy a small portion of plain, cooked potatoes.

Sweet Potatoes:

Dogs can eat small amounts of plain, cooked sweet potatoes. They are a healthy option and a good source of fiber and vitamins.

Green Beans:

Plain-cooked green beans are a safe and healthy choice for dogs. They are low in calories and a good source of vitamins.


Fresh, plain cranberries are safe in small quantities. However, cranberry sauce typically contains a lot of sugar, which is not suitable for dogs.


Plain canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) can be beneficial for dogs, especially if they have digestive issues. It’s a good source of fiber.


Onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, and chocolate are highly toxic to dogs and should be kept far away from their reach.


Remember that any Thanksgiving treat should be given in moderation and as an occasional indulgence. Overeating can lead to digestive issues.

The Importance of Portion Control

While Thanksgiving is a time of indulgence, it’s crucial to maintain portion control for your dog. Overfeeding can lead to digestive issues and unwanted weight gain. Stick to appropriate serving sizes to keep your dog healthy.

Keeping Your Dog Stress-Free on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving gatherings can be overwhelming for dogs. Ensure your pet’s comfort by creating a quiet, safe space for them, away from the hustle and bustle. Provide their favorite toys and treats to keep them occupied.

How to Make a Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner?


How to Make a Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner? Sharing a dog-friendly Thanksgiving dinner with your beloved pet can be an excellent way to celebrate the holiday together. Avoid harmful ingredients, focus on portion control, and prioritize your dog’s comfort and well-being. With the right approach and some delicious dog-friendly recipes, you can ensure that Thanksgiving is enjoyable and safe for your furry friend.


Can dogs eat turkey?

Yes, dogs can eat turkey, but it must be cooked and boneless. Avoid using seasonings and spices, as some may be harmful.

What should I do if my dog overindulges?

If your dog overindulges, monitor their behavior and consult your veterinarian if they display any unusual symptoms. It’s crucial to prevent overeating to begin with.

Are cranberries safe for dogs?

Cranberries can be safe for dogs in moderation. However, avoid giving them cranberry sauce, which often contains high amounts of sugar.

How can I reduce my dog’s stress during Thanksgiving?

Create a quiet space for your dog away from the noise and commotion. Provide familiar toys and consider natural calming remedies.

Can I give my dog leftovers?

Leftovers can be given to dogs, but be cautious about the ingredients. Ensure that the leftovers are free from harmful additives or seasonings

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