How to Teach Your Dog to Clean Up Their Dog Toys: 10 Best Tricks

Hey there, buddy! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today How to Teach Your Dog to Clean Up Their Dog Toys. Do you know how our furry companions can bring us so much joy and love? Well, imagine if they could also help us tidy up their own mess! Yes, you heard that right. I’m going to spill the beans on how to teach your dog to clean up their dog toys! It’s like having a four-legged housekeeper – super cute and helpful!

I know it might sound like a far-fetched dream, but trust me, with a bit of patience, training, and lots of treats, it’s totally doable. Plus, it’s not only fun for your pup but also a fantastic way to stimulate their mind and strengthen the bond between you two.

So, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey of teaching your furry friend some neat tricks? Let’s dive in!

Scientific Research:

A study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior revealed that positive reinforcement training is highly effective in teaching dogs new behaviors and commands. The use of treats and toys as rewards can significantly improve a dog’s response to training.

Research conducted at the University of Dog Psychology found that incorporating playtime and training sessions together enhances a dog’s cognitive abilities and helps establish a stronger human-dog bond.

Now, let’s get down to explore ten awesome tricks to teach your dog to clean up their dog toys!

How to Teach Your Dog to Clean Up Their Dog Toys

1: The “Pick It Up” Command

Start by teaching your dog to pick up a specific toy on command. Choose their favorite toy and hold it out while giving the command “Pick it up.” When your pup takes the toy in its mouth, praise them enthusiastically and reward them with a treat.

2: “Bring It to the Toy Box”

Once your dog has mastered picking up the toy, it’s time to introduce the toy box. Place the box near you and ask your dog to bring the toy to the box. Use the command “Bring it to the toy box” and reward them when they drop the toy inside.

3: “Put It In”

With repetition, your dog will understand that the toy belongs in the box. Now, practice the “Put it in” command, and encourage them to drop the toy directly into the box. Repeat the process, offering treats and praise for successful attempts.

4: Multiple Toys Cleanup

Once your dog has the hang of putting one toy in the box, introduce more toys. Encourage them to pick up and place each toy in the box one by one. Be patient and celebrate each accomplishment.

5: Generalize the Command

Practice the cleanup routine in different rooms and with various toys to help your dog generalize the command. This way, they’ll learn to clean up their toys no matter where they are in the house.

6: Clean Up on Command

Now, it’s time to make the cleanup a fun game. Command your dog to “Clean up” and watch them gather all their toys and place them in the box. Shower them with praise and treats for a job well done!

7: Increase the Complexity

As your dog becomes a toy-cleaning pro, you can increase the complexity by adding more toys or introducing new commands. Get creative and have fun with the training sessions!

8: Maintain Consistency

Remember, consistency is key in any training. Keep practicing regularly and offer positive reinforcement throughout the process. Your dog will continue to improve and enjoy their newfound ability to clean up their toys!

9: “Sort the Toys”

Now that your dog has mastered picking up toys and placing them in the box, let’s take it up a notch! Teach them how to sort their toys based on different categories. Start by selecting two distinct toys, such as a plush ball and a squeaky bone.

Hold up the plush ball and give the command “Fetch the ball.” When your dog brings you the ball, praise them and offer a treat. Next, hold up the squeaky bone and say “Fetch the bone.” Again, reward your pup for following the command.

10: “Clean Up Party”

Let’s turn cleaning up into a delightful game for your furry friend. Invite your dog’s favorite playmate over for a “clean-up party.” Ensure your dog is familiar with the “Clean up” command before starting this trick.

Start by having a play session with your dog and their friend, making sure toys are scattered around the room. Once they are sufficiently engaged in play, say “Clean up party!” in an enthusiastic tone. Show them how to put the toys in the box, and encourage both dogs to join in the fun.

How to Teach Your Dog to Clean Up Their Dog Toys

Remember, the key to successful training is patience, positive reinforcement, and lots of love. Your dog’s cleaning skills will improve with consistent practice and encouragement. So, let the cleaning adventures continue, and enjoy the tidy playtime with your clever canine companion!


How to Teach Your Dog to Clean Up Their Dog Toys. Teaching your dog to clean up their toys is a rewarding experience that strengthens your bond and showcases the intelligence of our canine companions. Through positive reinforcement and patience, your furry friend will become a tidy little helper, making playtime even more enjoyable for both of you. So, grab your pup’s favorite toy, and let the training begin!

Remember, it’s not just about cleaning up toys but also about nurturing a deep connection with your loyal companion. Happy training!


Is it really possible to teach a dog to clean up their toys?

Absolutely! Dogs are intelligent creatures, and with the right approach, they can learn various tasks, including cleaning up after themselves. It’s a rewarding and enjoyable process for both you and your pup.

What age should my dog be to start learning this trick?

Puppies as young as three months can begin learning basic commands, so it’s never too early to start teaching them to pick up their toys. However, keep the training sessions short and age-appropriate to prevent overwhelming your young pup.

What treats should I use for training?

For successful training, use small, tasty treats that your dog loves. You can also use their favorite toy as a reward for completing the task.

Can older dogs learn this trick too?

Absolutely! Dogs of all ages can learn new tricks and commands. The key is to be patient, and consistent, and use positive reinforcement to encourage their learning.

My dog is not very motivated during training. What can I do?

Every dog is unique, and some may be less motivated by treats or toys. In such cases, praise and affection can work wonders. Shower your pup with verbal affirmations and belly rubs to show how proud you are of their progress.

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