Why Does My Dog Eat Grass When Out Walking? Top 5 Reasons

Dogs are born carnivores and they get into the habit of eating meat by getting used to it. But when dogs are taken on long walks, they often end up eating grass because their smell is so strong that other animals, such as deer, coyotes, rabbits and even stray cats will avoid them.

This article will explain in detail Why does my dog eat grass when out walking.

5 Possible Reasons why Does My Dog Eat Grass When Out Walking

There are many different reasons why dogs might eat grass when out walking. If your dog is bored or lonely, it may try to eat grass to fill up its stomach. Dogs also eat grass when they are playing. So the 5 main reasons why my dog eats grass when out walking are mentioned below.

1. Normal Eating Habits of your Dog

One reason why my dog eat grass when walking is that they are attracted to the flavour. Dogs have a strong sense of smell and may be attracted to the grass because it smells good.

2. When Your Dog is feeling Depressed

One common reason why dogs eat grass is that they are feeling depressed. When your dog is feeling down, it may be a sign that they need some extra attention and love. Grass can help to settle their stomach and provide them with some nutrients.

3. High Stakes Learning

One possible reason why your dog might eat grass while out walking is that they are trying to learn something. Dogs may eat grass when they are trying to learn what it tastes like or how to get the nutrients that they need.

4. Nutritional Requirements for a Proper Diet

One possible reason why your dog might be eating grass when out walking is that they are missing some important nutritional requirements. Dogs require a balanced diet that includes both meat and plant-based foods. The grass is a great way to get their dietary requirements met without having to spend too much time inside.

5. Genetic Differences

Your dog might be genetically predisposed to eating grass. This is usually caused by a change in the dog’s DNA that makes them more likely to eat grass. It can happen when a dog inherits certain genes from their parents, or when they’re born with them.

Prevention and Treatment for Why Does My Dog Eat Grass When is Out Walking? 

There are several different reasons why a dog might eat grass while out walking. Some dogs may do this in an attempt to get extra energy. Others may do it because they are bored or lonely. Still, others may do it because they think it is a toy. Whatever the reason, there are usually ways to prevent and treat the problem. 

1. Training Your Dog

One of the most common problems that dog owners face is why their dogs eat grass when out walking. The problem can be prevented by training your dog to never eat grass while out walking, as well as providing them with treatment if the problem does occur. 

2 . Use Commands And Physical Punishment

If your dog has eaten grass while out walking, you should first try to discourage them from doing so by using verbal commands and physical punishment. If that doesn’t work, you can give them a treat when they stop eating grass and take them for a walk instead. 

3. Providing Them With Toys

Provide Them Toys
Provide Them Toys

They may be bored and looking for something new to chew on while out walking. Providing them with toys or treats during walks will keep them occupied and away from the grass.  

4. Providing Them Extra Food

Dogs who are working hard physically may want a little extra energy in their system after a long walk. Adding some grain-free kibble or canned food to their diet before going for a walk can help give them the energy they need without having to resort to eating grass.  

5. Provide Them with Water

Provide Drinking Water
Provide Drinking Water

Another reason your dog might eat grass is that they’re thirsty. When dogs are thirsty, they may instinctively go search for water. Drinking water from a fountain or a pet dish can be more convenient than drinking water from the ground, but it’s not always available. Eating grass can help to quench your dog’s thirst in these situations. 


It can be frustrating when you take your dog for a walk and they start to eat grass. Whether it’s happening occasionally or more frequently, try to find out the reasons for which the dogs do so and try to provide them proper training for walking outside as well as nutritional food and adequate level of water. Provide them with different toys and something to chew to keep their teeth clean.


1. Why does my dog eat grass while on a walk?

Dogs eat grass for various reasons, and it can be a natural behavior. Some dogs eat grass to help themselves vomit or to aid digestion. Others may simply enjoy the taste or texture of the grass. In some cases, it could be due to boredom or curiosity.

2. Is it harmful for my dog to eat grass during walks?

Eating a small amount of grass is generally not harmful to dogs. However, if your dog consumes large quantities of grass or if the grass has been treated with pesticides or other chemicals, it can be problematic.

3. Can eating grass indicate a dietary deficiency in my dog?

Some experts believe that dogs may eat grass to compensate for a dietary deficiency, such as a lack of fiber or specific nutrients. If you suspect this might be the case, consult with your veterinarian to ensure your dog’s diet is well-balanced.

4. How can I discourage my dog from eating grass during walks?

If you want to discourage this behavior, you can try redirecting your dog’s attention with toys or treats while on walks. Additionally, providing a balanced diet and ensuring your dog has enough mental and physical stimulation at home can reduce their desire to eat grass.

5. When should I be concerned about my dog eating grass?

You should be concerned if your dog consistently eats large amounts of grass, vomits frequently after consuming grass, or if the grass appears to be causing gastrointestinal issues. If you notice any of these signs, consult your veterinarian for a thorough evaluation to rule out underlying health problems.

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