Why Dogs Forget Their Potty Training and How to Fix It: 7 Training Methods

Are you Searching for Why Dogs Forget Their Potty Training and How to Fix It? You may have diligently followed all the advice, rewarded good behavior, and scolded accidents, but still, your furry friend seems to forget their potty training. Well, fear not, because we’ll dive into the reasons behind this common issue and explore practical solutions.

The Science Behind Canine Forgetfulness

The Impact of Early Training Methods – A Case Study:

This real-life case study emphasizes the significance of early training methods in a dog’s potty training success. It highlights the importance of laying a strong foundation during a puppy’s developmental stages.

Stress and Its Effect on Canine Memory:

This scientific study explores the link between stress and a dog’s memory. Stress can negatively impact potty training, so understanding this connection helps pet owners address this issue effectively.

Why Dogs Forget Their Potty Training and How to Fix It

Why Dogs Forget Their Potty Training? Dogs may sometimes forget their potty training for various reasons. Understanding why this happens can help you address the issue and retrain your dog effectively. Here are some common reasons why dogs forget their potty training and how to fix it:

1. Medical Issues:

Dogs may forget their potty training if they have underlying medical problems that cause them to urinate more frequently or have difficulty holding their bladder. If your dog’s potty accidents seem sudden and unexplained, consult with your veterinarian to rule out any medical issues.

2. Changes in Routine:

Why Dogs Forget Their Potty Training? Dogs thrive on routine, and any significant changes in their daily schedule can disrupt their potty training. Events like moving to a new house, changes in family dynamics, or disruptions in feeding times can confuse your dog.

3. Lack of Consistency:

Consistency is crucial in potty training. If different family members use different command words, take the dog out at irregular times, or have different expectations, it can confuse the dog.

4. Lack of Reinforcement:

Sometimes, when dogs become older or more accustomed to their environment, owners may stop reinforcing good potty behavior. This can lead to regression in their training.

5. Stress or Anxiety:

Dogs can forget their training if they are stressed or anxious. Changes in their environment, new people or pets, or traumatic experiences can trigger anxiety-related accidents.

6. Aging:

As dogs age, their bladder control may decrease, leading to accidents. This is particularly common in senior dogs.

7. Unfamiliar Environments:

Dogs might forget their potty training when placed in unfamiliar environments, such as when traveling or staying in a new place.

How to Fix Potty Training Regression:

  • Consult a Veterinarian: If there’s a sudden and unexplained change in your dog’s potty behavior, consult your vet to rule out any medical issues.
  • Revisit Basic Training: Go back to the basics of potty training, using positive reinforcement techniques. Take your dog out frequently, especially after meals, naps, and playtime.
  • Maintain a Consistent Schedule: Stick to a consistent feeding and potty schedule. This helps your dog predict when they should go outside.
  • Supervise Your Dog: Keep a close eye on your dog, especially if they are prone to accidents. Use a leash indoors if necessary to prevent unsupervised potty accidents.
  • Use Positive Reinforcement: Praise and reward your dog when they eliminate outside. Be consistent with your praise and rewards to reinforce good behavior.
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety: If your dog’s potty issues are related to stress or anxiety, work on reducing these triggers. Provide a calm and secure environment and consider consulting a professional dog trainer or behaviorist for guidance.
  • Clean Accidents Thoroughly: Use an enzymatic cleaner to thoroughly clean any indoor accidents to remove lingering odors that may attract your dog back to the same spot.
  • Be Patient: Potty training regression can be frustrating, but it’s essential to remain patient and consistent in your efforts. Avoid punishment, as it can create anxiety and worsen the problem.
Why Dogs Forget Their Potty Training and How to Fix It


In conclusion, understanding why dogs forget their potty training is the first step towards finding effective solutions. By considering the unique aspects of canine memory, developmental stages, and the impact of stress, you can tailor your training methods for better results. Remember, patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement are your allies in this journey. Your dog can regain their potty training skills, and you’ll both enjoy a happier, accident-free life together.


Why do some dogs forget their potty training?

Dogs may forget their potty training due to various factors. Changes in routine, stress, or medical issues can contribute to forgetfulness.

Is age a factor in potty training forgetfulness?

Yes, age can play a role. Puppies are still developing their bladder control, so accidents are common.

How can I reduce my dog’s stress during potty training?

To reduce stress during potty training, create a calm environment, stick to a consistent schedule, and use positive reinforcement.

Are certain dog breeds more prone to potty training forgetfulness?

While individual dog behavior varies, some breeds may be more stubborn or independent when it comes to potty training.


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